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Topic: Kerala Coalition Politics_ Current Status

Manjalam kuzhi Ali wants to become the fifth Minister,but league leadership themselves are against it (behind curtains).They publicly cry for fifth minister just to fool Manjalam kuzhi Ali.Recently some youth league took a march towards Kunajalis house, Kunjali did say nothing against it.Earlier Manjalam Alis supporters did a march; Kunjali was furious about it and blamed CPM for it.Manjalam kuzhi is being ridiculed by many , but he has no option left but only to leave Kerala and live in Gulf and continue his textile business.

Balakrishnapillai want his son to resign and he wants him or any of his loyals to contest in Pathanapurm and become minister and start deforestation process( which kerala congress leaders are expert at).He wants to use Neyattinkara bye election to bully Chandy citing that constituency has Nair votes in plenty. But Chandy is with Ganesh kumar since he is an MLA.But if Pillai' s threaten becomes serious, Chandy may give in at a later stage.Then Ganesh has no other option left but to return to films and speed up the degradation of Malayalam film industry.

One section of Congress leadership wants their own candidate in Neyattinkara. (Surprisingly ,Muralidharan is against fielding any person who has defected from any other paty, as if he has never done so).Here Chandy should full fill the promise given to Selvaraj.At  the same time he should placate Thampanoor Ravi  and group.If he does not heed to Balakrishna pillai, he may upset the UDF chances using NSS which has strong roots there. If he does not field Selvaraj, Selvaraj may call for revenge using his Nadar community and PC George will  become the first victim. If Selvaraj contests independently , CPM may walk away with  the seat provident they do not field any arrogant candidates.

CPm leadership is in all sorts of trouble .The only way for them is to show the exit door to Chandy by bringing back some of the allies which have left them.But they will be compelled to appoint Comrade VS as CM which may bring more troubles for Pinarayi. So they have no other option but spend sleepless nights safeguarding MLA s against further defections,which may not be easy in modern communist period .

TM Jacobs son wants to become a Minister that also Food and Civil supplies( why so everyone knows) .But Chandy does not want to give it easily.If he does not give Jonny nellor( KCJ chairman) will become furious.If he gives , he knows the entire food and civil supplies dept will get corrupted with in hours.then waht about the promise given to the voters that he would be made the minister.So Chandy plays the manjalam kuzhi card here also.But that card wont remain long in the case of Anoop jacob. So Chandy argues that more ministers from minority communities may anger majority community and it may lead to the defeat of UDF in neyyantikara and that will bring the Government down which means every UDF person will become unemployed.

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Once the Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell was interviewed about his experience of being in space and he replied " You develop an instant Global Consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, "Look at that, you son of a bitch!"

I just thought of this quote after reading this. How embarrassingly petty is our political system. How much time does our politicians waste making sure their "position"is secure rather than actually spending that time for the better good?

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ha ha ha good one both of you. Enjoyed reading it.

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nothing new....

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I think that's what's kind of sad about it, because we're so used to the idea of a bad/corrupt politician that that's become the norm.


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That's why our society needs a change.But who will make that right move.See the support Anna Hazare got when he started his fight against corruption but i think he's fake.Its my opinion & open to criticism [:)]

In my opinion there should be a rule that the candidate can only be elected if he/she gets more than 50% of the polled votes.If not he/she should be disqualified and the elected cm should take care of that constituency.This way we can save a lot of our hard earned money and our small state doesn't need 140 MLA's too.

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Our ministers and MLAs are all fighting for the chair but conveniently forget the reason why they became a people's representative in the first place...

One question is if IAS and IPS is required for responsible jobs why not we have a minimum qualification for the ministers who are supposedly required to do a much more complex job?



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even if 10th pass education is made mandatory for them, how many will survive??