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I am a student doing my final year Btech in Computer Science (2008 passing out batch). I got my offer letters about a month back.....But i dont consider it as an offer letter....I'll quote from the offer letter

"You have every reason to be excited at the prospect of this opportunity to train with 1 of the best companies in this world.................................You have performed extremely well in selection & u should be proud to be selected to receive training at US Technology................."

"The company will provide u training for a period of three months.....however, the company may extend your training for a further period of 1 month..."

"during training, you wil be paid a monthly stipend of 20,000 Rs, inclusive of training incentive of 1000 Rs...."

"You having completed training or having received any training incentive, will not automatically confer on you any claim for appointment as an employee of the company.if you successfully complete your training, the company MAY offer you employment as Software Engineer-Trainee......................"

"If our offer acceptable to you, please return a duplicate copy of this letter with your signature......."

SO, US Technology is now telling that we are selected to receive training from UST, and successful completion of training will not automatically make us its employees , so it means that during training, we are NOT employees of the company and they want us to accept this offer....?????

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Im not an expert, but I find this offer acceptable, considering the companies reputation and the kind of money they are offering.

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Yes me too....

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Well, what I find not agreeable is this:Its never written in the offer letter that we are selected for a job in the company, but just to receive training from them.

All other companies mention that they have selected the student for job, but they have to succesfuly complete training and background checks to become permanent employess??

Is UST being clever in writing the offer letter because they want to "legalize" their act of giving u training and then making u sit in your house for months without salary??

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I agree with Vipin. The problem here is one of forecasting and understanding what your pipeline needs to be. UST has always attached importance to employee count without giving enf importance to profitability. In a rush to catch up with the TCS, infosys etc, it makes it delivery suffer. A number of my friends complain of not having enf work and lack of overall direction. Inspite of having a first class sales and marketing team (probably one of the best), the delivery model sucks.

Companies like Wipro, Infosys etc spent a lot of enery in building practices both horizontal and vertical and invested a lot on relationships with prime software vendors like Oracle, SAP building offerings around it.

One wonders why UST never talks abt its revenues and always points to employee count in all press releases. I would like to understand what their topline and bottomline numbers are.

Now to Vipin's point why this offer letter is flawed. In the good old days, an offer letter has a date of joining and it is not subject to any any "ifs and buts". Moreover, a number of universities are implementing a policy that once a candidate gets an offer, they cannot attend more interviews. Fair enf from the university standpoint. But how abt ensuring that the offer is real and the candidate is unemployed waiting for a call from their prospective employer like UST. It is unfair to these recruits. Such practices cannot be condoned.

You cannot have the cake and eat it too. If UST is undecided abt its requirements, do not recruit. It is as simple as that. Once recruited, honor that. Also, it is time they move away from a delivery model where 90% of the project team are freshers who are just there to add up numbers.

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Nobody is doing charity here. UST is paying you, a fresher, 20 grand and you are expected to perform. Apart from the 20 grand, the co is incurring training costs.

Obviously then, you have to perform. And so, post-training, they are gonna evaluate your performance and if you are even just better than average, they should throw you into one of their projects.

Unless you have been selected purely on (merit achieved thru "mugging"), I dont see the need to worry.

I am sure your offer letter mentions the training start dates, consider that as your DOJ and the next 3 months as a probation period (everyone has that).

Good Luck!

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I disagree with Vipin. This letter is a offer for a job, not for training. Their just stipulating that in case you do bad on you're training they have every right to discontinue the relationship. It is clever wording to protect themselves legally. I don't understand what the probem with that is. Vipin you have two choices, either take that job or not take the job...The global marketplace is getting competitive and such things are trivial.  UST is giving you a good offer but their not giving away their money. The old ways of having an exact date, time and job for the next 20 years without being competitive is out the door. Now it's either keep up or find another job less challenging.

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I think Vipin must make a call (or walk in) to UST and talk to HR guys regarding this. I know some of them and they are all friendly. They will clear your doubts. An official offer letter have its on 'formalities'. No any offer letter will tell you 'your job is secured for 100 years'. There will be good and bad stuff for both parties. Stop worrying and start living wink

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