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I had three services of my Car with them (1st service to 3) . In every three services I had to take back my car to them the next day with new introduced defects.. and that also they couldn't rectify it. I suspect that, they even removed some parts and made me replaced it using my extended warranty(some priced more tha 2k)... Now I stopped dealing with them and did the 20 K  KM service in an authorized center in my native and I am feeling the difference and enjoying the same riding comfort the vehicle had given me from 0 to 5k KM

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if you suspect something foul please report to company - especially as you might be having the list of replaced parts

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I too had some experiences. But I did complainted till top level regarding some issues and they came after me for rectifying issues.

Now I warn them before I give that if I am not satisfied with service, I wont pay the bill and give complaint to top level(as much as I can)

All the service centers are paid by maruthi for doing free service of a vehicle and Maruthi do provide rating for indus, popular etc. Thats why competetion happens between them. If some one gives negative marking the rating ofcourse go down. If you are a terror to them, they do provide good service. If you are person with whatever service they provide, you wont be in the valueable customer list.

I do go back to them, if the wash is not proper as well. I asked them one time to take back my vehicle and do good wash.

Now also, I do get regular feed back calls from Indus for my 2.5 yrs old vehicle.

I do have 2 vehicle from indus.